Using modern forensic technology, an artist has reconstructed the face of a 4,000-year-old Bronze Age woman. Using information taken from a skeleton found in Germany, the artist used a digital modeling program to piece together the anatomy and facial features of the woman. The end result is a startlingly realistic){reconstruction that not only looks eerily similar to a modern human, but has given researchers a glimpse of what a woman living millennia ago truly looked like. This amazing project gives us a unique opportunity to travel through time and meet one of our long-ago ancestors.

Driven by advances in medical science and genetics, some people believe that humans will soon have the ability to extend their lifespans indefinitely. Scientists are exploring ways to combat aging and researching the potential for technologies like gene editing that could be used to provide potential radical life extension treatments. Though still in its infancy, the prospect of preventing age-related diseases, combatting aging, and extending human life is an exciting and thought-provoking possibility.

A rare spider fossil was discovered in Australia that dates back approximately 115 million years. The fossil was discovered and examined at the Madre de Dios paleontological collection in Australia. This new discovery can help scientists understand the evolution and dispersal of arachnids over a period of time. This fossil has only one set of eyes, which means it is an older species from those present today, containing fewer eyes. Once again, Australia has proven to be the perfect place for discovery!

The Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres will face off in the first game of the NHL Qualifying Round for the Stanley Cup Playoffs today. This is the first time these two teams have met in the playoffs since the 1990s. The game will be a difficult one to predict, as the teams were both in the playoffs last season and have talented rosters that have been tested throughout the regular season. With a lot on the line and two great teams doing everything they can to advance to the next round, this will certainly be an exciting game to watch.