In a recent panel interview, former child star Drake Bell opened up about his struggles with mental health and substance abuse, revealing that he is still dealing with the aftermath of his time in the spotlight. Bell, known for his role on the hit Nickelodeon show “Drake & Josh,” discussed the pressure and expectations placed on child actors and the toll it can take on their well-being. Despite his past struggles, Bell remains optimistic and focused on his music career, with a new album set to release in the near future.

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A new study has found that marijuana use is not linked to increased opioid abuse, contradicting previous research. Researchers analyzed data from over 900,000 adults and found that marijuana use did not lead to higher rates of opioid misuse or dependence. The results challenge the common belief that marijuana use can serve as a gateway to opioid addiction. Instead, the study suggests that marijuana may actually serve as an alternative to opioids for pain management. This could have significant implications for the ongoing opioid crisis and may lead to changes in current drug policies.

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New dads who take advantage of paternity leave, are less likely to suffer from alcohol abuse, according to a new study. The study looked at the lives of 1,000 new fathers in California and found those who were able to have time away from work to spend with their newborns had fewer instances of troubling drinking habits, such as binge drinking, than those who did not. The research suggests that the integration of paternity leave into the workplace and culture may be beneficial for both employers and employees by reducing the instances of alcohol abuse.