An Iranian teenager injured while being harassed for not wearing a headscarf on the Tehran metro has tragically passed away, according to state media. The unidentified 18-year old was reportedly violently pushed on to the platform by an official from Iran’s so-called morality police and suffered a head injury. Her death on October 28th has sparked international outrage and condemnation from Iranian citizens. It has become a symbol for standing against state repression and for women’s rights in the Islamic republic.

With the 57th anniversary of the historic civil rights March on Washington just days away, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are looking to capture the moment to raise awareness regarding the current danger of racism, technology, and other socioeconomic issues that threaten their institutions. These schools plan to use this anniversary to demonstrate the progress and innovation they have achieved, as well as drawing attention to the challenges they currently face. As these issues get more attention, HBCUs hope to remind people to never forget their long, powerful history and continued need for support.