Microsoft is making changes to Xbox Game Pass, including price hikes and tier adjustments. Starting July 10, Xbox Game Pass for Console will be closed to new members but existing subscribers will keep their benefits. New members can join Xbox Game Pass Standard for $15/month, lacking perks like Day One releases and EA Play. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will rise from $17 to $20/month, and Xbox Game Pass Core’s annual fee will increase from $60 to $75, though the monthly fee stays at $10. PC Game Pass will go from $10 to $12/month. These changes take effect on September 12. Xbox Game Pass for Console codes remain redeemable.

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Aging people commonly show a decline in navigation ability, traditionally attributed to worsening spatial memory. However, US researchers have found that changes in exploration behavior by middle age also contribute to this decline. In a maze learning task, middle-aged individuals were less efficient explorers than younger ones. This discovery could aid in diagnosing and treating cognitive decline and dementia. Spatial navigation skills, influenced by practice, cognitive ability, and childhood environment, naturally decrease with age, potentially due to both declining spatial memory and altered exploration behavior, as seen in aging animals.

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Experts are discussing the potential side effects of a weight loss drug called Ozempic, which has been linked to changes in breast, butt, and facial fat. While some believe these changes may be temporary and reversible, others warn of potential long-term effects and advise caution when using the drug. The drug has been approved by the FDA for weight loss, but experts suggest considering other options and closely monitoring any changes in body fat distribution.