The Denver Broncos have released a new uniform collection called the “Mile High Collection” and the design process was a collaborative effort between the team, Nike, and the NFL. The collection pays homage to the team’s history and iconic orange and blue color scheme, while also incorporating modern elements and technology. Fans can expect to see the new uniforms on the field during the 2020 season.


Rolling Stone magazine recently sat down with Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis and Puerto Rican rapper Rauw Alejandro to discuss their latest collaborative projects, “Orquídeas” and “Peso Pluma.” The two artists bonded over their love for Latin music and their mutual desire to break boundaries and defy genre expectations. “Orquídeas” is a dreamy fusion of R&B and reggaeton, while “Peso Pluma” is a playful mix of trap and pop. Uchis and Alejandro also opened up about their creative process and the importance of bringing their cultures and experiences into their music. The result is a dynamic and irresistible partnership that showcases the best of Latin music today.

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Walmart is changing the job titles and pay structure of its corporate staff in order to “modernize the way it looks at job roles,” allowing for a more team focused and collaborative approach to doing business. This transformation is part of the company’s effort to stay on the cutting edge of modern retail and compete with its tech-savvy rivals. The changes will affect about 2,300 people, with each employee receiving at least a 10% salary increase. Furthermore, those who experience job title changes will also receive compensation adjustments designed to match their new roles.