Martin Scorsese is a renowned film director who has an incredibly impressive and impressive filmography, including iconic films like Taxi Driver and The Departed. He is well known for his intense storytelling, use of unique visuals, and portrayal of complex characters on the big screen. His films explore the underbelly of society and create memorable experiences that remain with viewers long after the film has finished. From intense gangster dramas to intense thrillers, Scorsese has consistently proven to be a master of the craft.

Seattle Mariners pitcher George Kirby threw a knuckleball to honor departed Boston Red Sox legend Tim Wakefield and helped lead his team to a win over the Texas Rangers. Kirby, the Mariners’ first-round draft pick, hadn’t thrown a knuckleball before, but had admiration for Wakefield’s signature pitch. After the game, Kirby was proud in the knowledge that he was able to replicate the pitch and honor Wakefield at the same time. The perfect inning inspired by Wakefield gave the Mariners a 4-2 come-from-behind victory!