Joe Biden emerged victorious in the New Hampshire Democratic primary on Tuesday night. He won by almost 10 points and was able to withstand a recent surge in the polls from Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Biden’s victory gives him an early momentum boost that could propel him to Super Tuesday in March. With the substantial win, his campaign is hoping for a surge of enthusiasm in South Carolina and beyond. The battle for the Democratic nomination changes the political landscape as we move into the next round of voting.

Golf walking, a combination of two popular sports, golf and Nordic walking, has emerged as a great way to stay active while spending time outdoors. It uses the same strokes as golf but instead of swinging a club, golf walkers use specially designed poles like Nordic walkers do. Health benefits from golf walking include improved balance, agility, aerobic endurance, and strength, while advantages over golf include a lower risk of injury and the added challenging of having to use your arms and legs simultaneously.

The Colorado Buffaloes have emerged as a serious force in the world of college sports after a resounding 65-55 win over the Stanford Cardinal. This is the biggest win of the young season for the Buffaloes as it puts them in the national rankings for the first time in 12 years. The Buffaloes were powered by an impressive performance from their outstanding freshman quarterback, Tyler Carter. With this win, the Colorado Buffaloes have signaled to the world that they are ready to make some serious noise in college sports.

In Slovakia’s third national election this century, Prime Minister Igor Matovic’s pro-EU party emerged victorious, reflecting a rejection of the country’s nationalist and euroskeptic tendencies. A coalition of centrist parties, centred around Matovic’s party and strengthened by its growing support, is now likely to lead the country and make it more open to cooperation across Europe. In what should be considered a crushing defeat to opposition parties, the ruling coalition achieved a stunning three-thirds majority in parliament while ousting the anti-EU faction of Slovak politics as citizens sought more transparent and cooperative leadership.

An extraordinary case of drastic transformation has emerged from the small town of Knoxville, Tennessee, where an overweight woman has lost an incredible 185 pounds of body fat. Through intense willpower and a determination to drastically change her lifestyle, she became an inspiring source of motivation for those who suffer from obesity and other related diseases. This sudden and unexpected weight loss earned her nationwide attention and admiration, showing everyone that a healthier lifestyle and enhanced self-confidence is accessible to everyone.

Reports have recently emerged alleging that Canada’s surveillance of Indian diplomats is related to accusations of Sikh leaders being killed during the 1980s. This follows after Canada’s national security agency reportedly monitored the diplomats’ activities over the past decade. In addition, multiple Indian intelligence officers are believed to be involved in the deaths of two prominent Sikh leaders. This account, if proven to be true, could have a significant impact on diplomatic relations between Canada and India.