Former Chinese premier Li Keqiang has died from a sudden heart attack aged 66 while swimming in Shanghai. He was the first premier of the government of the People’s Republic of China under the administration of President Xi Jinping. His death has sent shock waves through the Chinese political system, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most influential politicians in contemporary China. He will be remembered for his hard work, intellect, and commitment to improving China’s public administration and the lives of its citizens.

China’s former Premier Li Keqiang has passed away. He was initially elected Premier in 2013, and is credited with having a pivotal role in leading China’s economic growth during the country’s campaign to reduce poverty. His death has been a shock to many, as he was considered a moderate leader in a largely authoritarian regime. Li Keqiang is known to have placed key emphasis on having accessible healthcare, and improving economic relations with its neighbours. His passing marks the end of a legacy of one of China’s most influential leaders.