In his latest mock draft, NFL analyst Rob Rang predicts the Seattle Seahawks will select a mix of offensive and defensive players in the first seven rounds. He projects the team to take a cornerback, wide receiver, and offensive lineman in the first three rounds, followed by a mix of defensive players and a quarterback in the later rounds. Rang also notes that the Seahawks have a history of making surprising picks in the draft, so his predictions may not be entirely accurate.


The Seattle Seahawks front office and scouting staff are gearing up for the upcoming NFL draft, with a focus on finding players who fit their team culture and have a strong work ethic. They are also looking for versatile players who can contribute in multiple positions. The team is confident in their ability to find hidden gems in the later rounds of the draft, and are open to trading down to acquire more picks. Overall, the Seahawks are approaching the draft with a strategic and calculated mindset, aiming to build a strong and cohesive team for the upcoming season.

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The Seattle Seahawks have started their offseason workout program under new defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald. The team is focused on building upon their previous success and believes they have the potential to achieve something special. The players are excited to work with Macdonald and are determined to put in the necessary effort to reach their goals.

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