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Selina Cheng, a Hong Kong-based reporter for the Wall Street Journal, was terminated shortly after being elected chair of the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA). Cheng believes her termination is linked to her new role, as she faced pressure from her employer to quit the association. Her supervisors had directed her to withdraw her candidacy and leave the HKJA board, which she refused. The Wall Street Journal stated that employees should not advocate for press freedom in Hong Kong. Dow Jones confirmed “personnel changes” but did not comment on specifics.

Keir Starmer, Britain’s new prime minister, presented his agenda as an antidote to populism, focusing on housebuilding, crime, illegal migration, and public trust during the King’s Speech. King Charles III opened the new parliamentary session, highlighting Starmer’s “national renewal” slogan with pledges to nationalize railways, address the housing crisis, and combat illegal migration. Starmer criticized previous Tory governments and populism, advocating for pragmatism and problem-solving. His 40-bill agenda aims to appeal to a broad voter coalition and counteract populism’s divisive effects.

Bangladesh will indefinitely shut down all universities from Wednesday after deadly protests against a government job quota system left six dead and scores injured. The protests, driven by high youth unemployment and a 30% job reservation for families of 1971 War of Independence fighters, intensified after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina refused to meet demands, labeling opponents as “razakar.” Clashes between anti-quota protesters and the ruling party’s student wing led to police using rubber bullets and tear gas. Amnesty International urged the government to ensure protesters’ safety. Riot police and paramilitary forces have been deployed to maintain order.

Initial autopsy results revealed cyanide traces in the blood of six Vietnamese and American guests at Bangkok’s Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel, suggesting one poisoned the others over a bad investment, Thai authorities said. The bodies were discovered Tuesday after they failed to check out. Security footage showed the guests arriving one by one after food was delivered Monday afternoon. The untouched food and used teacups were found in the room, which was locked from the inside.

Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah threatened to target new Israeli towns if Israel’s military continues striking civilians in southern Lebanon. His speech, marking Ashura, comes amid increased border clashes and fears of Gaza’s war expanding. Nasrallah warned of severe consequences if Israeli tanks enter Lebanon. Fighting began after Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack, with Hezbollah supporting Hamas, leading to casualties and evacuations. Both sides prefer a diplomatic solution, but Hezbollah insists attacks will continue until a Gaza cease-fire is achieved.

In Muscat, Oman, gunmen attacked a Shiite mosque, killing six and wounding nearly 30, marking the deadliest such incident in the peaceful sultanate’s recent history. The Islamic State claimed responsibility, its first in Oman, targeting Shiites on the eve of their holy day. Analysts are shocked the attack occurred in Oman, known for its non-interventionist policies and majority Ibadi Muslim population. Despite no known ISIS branch in Oman, extremist groups have a presence in neighboring Yemen. The Royal Oman Police confirmed the deaths of five worshippers and one officer.

Six people, including two US citizens, were found dead in a Bangkok luxury hotel, likely from cyanide-laced tea and coffee following a dispute over bad investments, Thai police said. The bodies were discovered in a locked suite at the Grand Hyatt Erawan after missing check-out. Police found traces of cyanide in cups and a teapot. Initially searching for a seventh person, authorities now believe one of the deceased poisoned the others. The victims include two Vietnamese Americans and four Vietnamese nationals.

At the Republican National Convention, speakers made false claims about rising crime under President Biden. House Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. Elise Stefanik alleged dramatic increases in violence and crime, which CNN’s fact-checking team debunked. FBI data shows violent crime significantly dropped in 2023 and early 2024, with current levels lower than in 2020, Trump’s last year. Preliminary 2023 data indicated a 13% decline in murder and a 6% decline in overall violent crime compared to 2022.

The Beijing gathering occurs amid complex domestic and international challenges. The Central Committee’s third plenum is shaping China’s development plan for the next five to 10 years. Weaker-than-expected growth figures led investment banks to cut forecasts. Concerns rise over potential hawkish U.S. policies if Trump returns and increased EU pressure. Xi Jinping’s work report and a Qiushi journal article emphasize self-reliance and confidence in China’s development path, dismissing foreign solutions. Official outlets suggest no major policy shifts, focusing on technology and advanced manufacturing.