Google has released a new AI ToggleBARD tool that will allow developers to more quickly and accurately test their machine learning models. It does this by providing pre-defined training data sets specifically designed to fit with ML models, saving developers time in generating their own. The tool allows for an easy comparison of accuracy between different training sets, and can also be used to add flexibility to model design. ToggleBARD is the first step towards making deep learning development easier and faster overall.

iPhone released a new beta for selected 15 models that now have the ability to view information about battery health. With the data, users can now learn the level of battery health, the maximum battery capacity and the peak performance capability. The iOS update also enables users to turn off the performance management system, which was implemented to prevent unexpected shutdowns. This is good news for owners of the 15 selected models as they now have the ability to manage their battery health and performance more precisely.

An upcoming iPhone 15 release has sparked the interest of tech enthusiasts who are now asking which case to buy. Finewoven conducted a poll to ask users which color and style they would like to see for an iPhone 15 case. The colors range from black and pink to deep blue and green. The styles are comfortable to hold and range from card holders and shock proof cases, to leather and wooden covers. Finewoven is creating the cases based on its global community’s feedback in order to produce cases that suit user needs.