Jada Pinkett-Smith recently revealed that late rapper Tupac Shakur suffered from alopecia, an auto-immune disease which causes hair loss. Smith mentioned this fact during her Red Table Talk program in an episode exploring how parents help their children process chronic illnesses. Tupac was famously known for his short hair and beard but according to Smith, he had to shave and wear hats daily due to his condition. Smith now hopes to help children struggling with alopecia feel comfortable in their own skin.

Ken Burns’ ‘The American Buffalo’ is a must-see PBS documentary that reveals the history, culture, and value of this iconic species. From the lives of the Native American tribes up to conflicts over land between Native Americans and ranchers, the film paints an informative and captivating portrait of the buffalo. It offers critical insights on justice, conservation, and the very meaning of America. The captivating wildlife shots, archival footage, and interviews make this an unforgettable viewing experience for people of all ages.