The James Webb Space Telescope recently gazed at the M83 Galaxy, an impressive spiral galaxy located in the constellation Hydra. This telescope was launched into orbit on October 31, 2021 and has the ability to capture images of astronomical objects far beyond Earth’s view. Its imaging capabilities allow it to capture star formation, gas clouds, and other processes that are otherwise difficult to detect. This is the telescope’s first observation of M83 and showcases its power and capacity to discover more information about the universe.

Competition is a widely accepted notion in business but it typically does not work when it comes to global pandemics. In a recently published paper, a team of scientists suggest that instead of facing this crisis as individual countries, a unified international effort should be adopted, with mutual trust and cooperation forming a backbone to global pandemic response. This global approach will involve a sharing of resources, data, and strategies to ensure effective, long-term counter-measures to the global pandemic.

In November of 2023, a historical and exciting event is planned as NASA will hold their first ever all-female spacewalk, marking a major milestone in the effort to further gender equality in the space industry. This groundbreaking mission will be broadcast live online so everyone can join in the excitement. Two female astronauts will venture out on a journey outside the International Space Station as they take part in a special 6 and a half hour spacewalk. With this event, it is hoped that further steps will be taken to create an equitable and inclusive future in the world of space exploration.

The Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks put on an exciting finals show for Game 4 of the World Series, with the Rangers ultimately taking home the win. Texas scored a total of seven runs in the third and fourth innings respectively, putting them ahead of Arizona who trailed with only four. Despite some good offensive showings from the Diamondbacks, the Rangers’ dynamic batters were too much for Arizona’s pitchers to handle, sealing the deal and bringing the Rangers one step closer to winning the World Series.

Asia’s factories are facing a rocky road as China’s recovery teeters. Growth in the region’s manufacturing sector in October was its weakest in decades, led by sharp declines in customer demand and export orders. Companies are also tightening employment and cutting pay, raising economic red flags and risks of a further downturn. Many nations are implementing stimulus packages to stimulate manufacturing industries and offset the economic impact of the pandemic, but their effectiveness is uncertain.