On October 14th, photographers around the world gathered to witness and capture a rare and breathtaking “Ring of Fire” eclipse. The eclipse was visible in parts of Australia, parts of Africa and across Antarctica, with the annular eclipse visible for approximately 3 minutes over the ocean and 6 minutes over land. Photographers eagerly anticipated the partial eclipse, ready to capture stunning photos of the dramatic sky. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many participants to picture such a special event.

On Tuesday, October 14th, most of the world will be able to experience a partial solar eclipse, an astronomical event that occurs when the moon partially blocks the Sun’s light from reaching us during the day. Though places like India, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia will have the best views, many other locations will still be able to enjoy the spectacle. People should remember to take appropriate safety measures while looking at the eclipse. It’s sure to be a spectacular event for skywatchers all around the world.