Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden recently made a bold move to boost morale among the company’s 60,000 employees in the face of a crisis caused by Kanye West’s public criticism of their partnership. In a personal video message, Gulden assured employees that the company stands by their values and that their hard work is appreciated. He also announced a 5% pay raise for all employees and encouraged them to take pride in their work and success. This decision reflects Gulden’s strong leadership and commitment to supporting his team during challenging times.

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Kanye West’s partnership with Adidas has been met with controversy and criticism. Reports say that West’s line of apparel and footwear collaboration with the company features symbols and images that are viewed by some as ‘cultural appropriation’ and ‘insensitive’. The line was reportedly pulled from stores before its launch, however Adidas later denied the reports, stating they are looking into the issues raised. It remains to be seen whether the partnership will be able to go forward.