As the stock market continues to climb to new highs, many investors are celebrating their success and basking in the warm glow of “Goldilocks thinking.” But according to legendary investor Howard Marks, this attitude of complacency is dangerous and can lead to devastating losses. In his latest commentary, Marks warns investors that any market, no matter how favorable, can turn against them at any moment. With a cautionary tone and a warning to stay vigilant, Marks reminds us that the stock market is not a fairytale and that investors must be prepared for the unexpected.

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As obesity rates continue to climb in the US, so has the interest in pharmaceutical companies that are making strides in the development of effective anti-obesity drugs. From Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly, to companies like Arena Pharmaceuticals, Orexigen, ABBVie, and even Zoom Health, there are a range of drug stocks to look into to get a piece of the anti-obesity market. With investors looking to capitalize on the growing trend, it’s no wonder these stocks are worth watching in the near future.

Adam Frank, a Rochester native, recently accomplished the grand feat of having his book, “Light of the Stars,” climb its way to the top of the new release Amazon list. His book brings to life an intriguing concept that poses the question of whether or not advanced civilizations predate our own. With the help of theoretical physics and astrobiology, Frank artfully describes an interesting journey into the possibility of alien civilizations. Armed with the expertise of an astrophysicist and the spirit of a storyteller, Frank has made a name for himself with this remarkable science-fiction fantasy novel.

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday’s drawing was estimated to be at $215 million, but after no one selected all of the winning numbers, the pot has continued to climb. Now, the Wednesday drawing’s estimated jackpot has soared to $245 million. While many hopeful Powerball players went home empty-handed this weekend, the lottery’s future is looking brighter as the jackpot continues to grow. With a potentially life-altering amount of money on the line, Wednesday’s drawing is sure to attract even more eager players.