Google Maps is getting an exciting new update that promises to drastically improve user experience with an immersive view. Users will be able to access a detailed 3D cityscape from any angle with the help of AI-powered technology, allowing for an incredibly realistic look and feel. Furthermore, the update will bring new customization and features, making it easier than ever to explore destinations and landmarks around the world. This innovative update is coming soon and will revolutionize the way you use Google Maps!

Bats play an essential role in ecosystems around the world, but their populations are declining drastically due to white-nose syndrome, a deadly fungal disease. Researchers are devising a vaccine to combat the disease that has killed millions of bats, and recent lab tests show that the vaccine is highly effective. While this is great news for bat conservation, further tests and experiments will need to be conducted to determine the full efficacy of the vaccine in the wild and to ensure bats are protected from white-nose syndrome in the future.