Hamas recently unearthed a long-buried extensive tunnel network beneath the Gaza Strip, spanning from the enclave’s southern border all the way to its northern edge. Palestinian officials are viewing the discovery as an “important strategic asset,” as it serves both military and commercial purposes. Israeli security forces believe the tunnels to be a viable threat, as previous tunnels, supply smuggling routes, and weapons caches have been found throughout the region. The threat of Hamas’ tunnels forces Israel to constantly monitor its shared border with Gaza.

Voyager 1 and 2, the two robotic probes launched in 1977 to explore the outer Solar System, are nearing an edge of the Solar System called the heliopause. They will become the first human-made objects to leave the Sun’s influence, a feat expected to occur in the 2030s. The probes may be visible from Earth using current technology in the year 2023, when the distance between Earth and the probes begins to increase rapidly. This will give us a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of these pioneering probes that have been on their journey for more than four decades.

13,000 years ago, a massive comet likely struck Earth on the edge of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, causing a sudden global cooling and changing the environment of our planet in a dramatic way. Analysis of the soil at the impact site reveals it was the source of a major influx of extraterrestrial material, linked to everything from a global cooling event to shifts in human habits. This impact changed the trajectory of Earth’s environmental history, and could offer valuable insights into the geological events of our planet’s past.