Humans possess a unique combination of evolutionary adaptations that have enabled an unprecedented level of cognitive and behavioral complexity. Researchers in this study analyzed over a thousand skull and brain samples from Homo sapiens and a number of our closest extinct relatives to track the changes that occurred in human brain development during evolution. They found that the modern human brain has evolved rapidly over the last 35,000 years, both in terms of our cranial capacity as well as the symmetry and complexity of our brain structure.

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Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston, believes that the world of work is permanently altered due to remote work enabled by the pandemic. He believes that the traditional “commute to the office” model is over and that employees should now come to work when it suits them most. He also believes employers should have more flexible approaches to remote work in general and create policies to prevent burnout. To make sure productivity stays high, he plans to implement measures such as bi-weekly meetings and regular check-in points for team members.

The article discusses how computers enabled by artificial intelligence are increasingly being used to help humans with tasks like carrying out medical diagnoses, or driving cars. AI and machine learning are now being used across a variety of industries, from retail, healthcare, and finance, to transportation, gaming and social media. While AI and machine learning can offer great advances, they also come with risks, especially when related to data security, safety and privacy. Thus, governments should ensure proper regulation of these technologies to reap the benefits of their advancements while mitigating their risks.