Astronomers have discovered an enormous explosion in the Cigar Galaxy, which is located 12 million light-years away from the Milky Way. This explosion, known as a luminous blue variable (LBV) eruption, is a rare type of star that has never been seen beyond our own galaxy. The discovery sheds light on the evolution of massive stars and the potential for similar events in other galaxies.


Chinese real estate group China Evergrande has been hit with a winding-up petition in the Hong Kong High Court, as the company fights to pay its enormous debts. Evergrande has been struggling financially over the past few years, and the petition could lead to the liquidation of the group’s assets. This could have serious implications for the many lenders and investors involved in the company, as well as the thousands of employees who may be made redundant if the petition is granted. It will be up to the court to decide the fate of this once powerful giant.

Israel and Hamas have been locked in a tense conflict for decades, with enormous consequences for both sides. This conflict has led to several short-lived periods of all-out war, with each side striking back against the other with intense force. Israeli airstrikes have hit major population centers in Gaza, while Hamas militants have also fiercely retaliated with rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. The current conflict has now seen multiple ceasefires, yet both sides remain ready and willing to resort to military action if necessary.

This new research has discovered a surprising limitation on the number of molecules that can be held in a nanoporous material: it requires an enormous amount of energy. The study suggests that these materials can possibly be used in energy production and storage applications, yet their limited capacity now diminishes their usefulness in this field. Despite the results, experts remain hopeful that further experimentation will reveal the secrets as to why and how much energy is required to store molecules.