George Santos, a former congressional staffer, has been expelled from the House for the first time in more than two decades. The action was taken following allegations that he had abused his position to pressure other staffers and was unprofessional and intimidating towards female coworkers. He had denied the accusations but was found guilty by an ethics committee after an investigation. His expulsion sends a strong signal that no one, regardless of position or title, can get away with such behaviors.

An American soldier, Travis King, was recently expelled from North Korea after fearlessly crossing the isolated country’s border. King was dutifully completing his mission as a deminer in South Korea when he made the unauthorized crossing. Though North Korean officials are usually very restrictive, they showed mercy by granting King freedom under the conditions of no further illegal crossings. Both the US and South Korea are appreciative of this “humane approach” and are relieved that King is safe and sound.