South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has been criticized for using taxpayer funds to pay for her family’s travel expenses, including trips to events where she brought her dogs. Noem’s office defended the expenses, stating that the dogs are considered “working animals” and are used for security purposes. Critics argue that the use of taxpayer money for personal expenses is unethical and raises questions about Noem’s potential misuse of funds.


Identical twin boys from Texas, Jace and Brody, were diagnosed with a rare and incurable genetic disorder called Sanfilippo Syndrome in different years, shattering their family’s hopes for the boys’ future. Sanfilippo Syndrome results in severe physical and mental issues, is often fatal and requires a caretaker to give the child 24/7 attention. Though the boys’ mother is determined despite the “devastating” diagnosis, the family struggles with worry every day for their sons’ health and future.