Architects are increasingly focusing on human-centric design by collaborating with fields like service design and psychology. This interdisciplinary approach, exemplified by neuroarchitecture, aims to enhance well-being through design. Federica Sanchez, an architect and neuroscience researcher, highlights how environments impact the brain and body, emphasizing the importance of sensory interactions. This new field was showcased at Salone de Mobile, with Sanchez’s firm Lombardini22 revamping the event to demonstrate the potential of neuroarchitecture in creating more holistic and human-friendly spaces.

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NASA astronaut Christina Koch visited North Carolina A&T State University to speak about her experiences in space and encourage students to pursue careers in STEM fields. Koch, who holds the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, shared her journey to becoming an astronaut and the importance of diversity in the space industry. She also participated in a Q&A session with students and faculty.


On the first day of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offseason workouts, star quarterback Russell Wilson and top draft prospect Justin Fields were among the notable participants. Wilson, who has been the subject of trade rumors, joined the team for the first time since his college days. Fields, a highly-touted quarterback from Ohio State, impressed coaches and teammates with his athleticism and arm strength. The presence of these two talented quarterbacks added excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season for the Steelers.

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The 2024 Breakthrough Prize ceremony will feature a star-studded red carpet, with celebrities from the worlds of science, entertainment, and technology coming together to celebrate groundbreaking achievements in their respective fields. The event, known as the “Oscars of Science,” will award a total of $21.6 million to scientists and researchers who have made significant contributions to their fields. This year’s ceremony will also mark the first time the event will be broadcast live, allowing viewers to witness the excitement and glamour of the evening. With a focus on recognizing and supporting scientific innovation, the Breakthrough Prize continues to elevate the importance of scientific advancements and inspire future generations to pursue groundbreaking discoveries.

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The James Webb Space Telescope will be used to study the auroras on Uranus and Saturn, providing new insights into the magnetic fields and atmospheres of these planets. This will be the first time that the telescope will be used to study the auroras on these gas giants, and it is expected to reveal new information about their composition and behavior. The observations from the telescope will help scientists better understand the dynamics of these planets and their place in the solar system.

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