After two days of hearings on President Donald Trump’s lawsuit challenging the additional congressional seats given to Colorado as part of census reapportionment, the Supreme Court is set to decide whether or not the 14th Amendment can limit redistricting of state borders. It looks increasingly questionable that the President’s argument has any legal standing, and a decision should come soon. No matter the outcome, this case will end up having major implications for states’ rights in the coming years.

The most anticipated and historically explosive series of trials and hearings into former President Donald Trump began this week with the focus on four primary events. These include obtaining access to Trump’s tax records, his business transactions, as well as considering the legitimacy of the Department of Justice’s request to drop criminal charges against a Trump ally. In addition, the House Judiciary Chief is driving to obtain a special counsel investigation into Trump’s misdemeanors and possible obstruction of justice. The former president’s legal team is expected to fiercely oppose every effort.