A new study suggests that a “one-and-done” vaccine method could provide infants with protection against multiple diseases with just a single shot. This method involves using a harmless virus to deliver multiple vaccines at once, potentially reducing the need for multiple injections. The study, conducted on mice, showed promising results and could potentially revolutionize the way vaccines are administered to infants. However, further research and testing is needed before this method can be implemented in human infants.

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RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, has been observed to lead to higher hospitalization rates in infants and children than during the recent Omicron Flu pandemic. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found that RSV, which is the main cause of lower respiratory tract infection in small children, accounted for 4.7 million hospitalizations in children under five in 2018 when the Omicron Flu accounted for 1.3 million. RSV is the leading cause of infant death around the world.

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Children’s hospitals are facing a shortage of the RSV drug, Synagis, which is used to protect premature infants who are most at risk for the virus. The rising demand has caused prices to increase and availability to decrease, sparking concern from hospital administrators throughout the country. Price hikes have been especially hard on smaller hospitals who must purchase limited quantities from large pharmaceutical companies. The shortage is an ongoing struggle with no clear solution, leaving many hospitals scrambling to obtain the drug and protect their smallest and most vulnerable patients.

Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare system is experiencing a shortage in supply for the Rotavirus vaccine, an important inoculation for infants that prevents stomach flu and vomiting. Officials with the healthcare system are warning that it could take several weeks for the supply to be replenished. Health experts suggest that parents of infants take caution and make sure they receive the complete set of required vaccines for a healthy life. Vaccines are an essential part of keeping our children safe and healthy.