The article discusses the potential of Mega Heracross as a powerful raid attacker in Pokémon GO, specifically as a Bug and Fighting type. It analyzes its stats, moveset, and potential matchups against popular raid bosses. The author also provides tips on how to effectively use Mega Heracross in raids and suggests potential team compositions. Overall, the article highlights the potential of Mega Heracross as a valuable addition to raid teams in the game.

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Pokémon GO players have been searching for the mysterious Ultra Beasts lurking inside the game. The Ultra Beasts, which include the likes of Guzzlord, Xurkitree, Celesteela, Kartana, and Stakataka, are incredibly rare and powerful creatures. Players must capture Special Research tasks from Professor Willow, which involve a variety of tasks such as defeating Team Rocket, battling Team Leaders, and more, in order to find and capture the Ultra Beasts. Once players complete the Special Research, they have a chance of capturing the Ultra Beasts!

A Pokémon Go player in Newport, Washington was threatened with a gun in a church parking lot by a group while playing. Despite being ordered to leave, the player stuck to their word and stayed in the parking lot until the police arrived. After using the report button of the game, the police arrived swiftly and the group eventually left with no arrests being made. This event highlights the importance of staying safe, not only when playing Pokémon Go, but also when participating in any activity online.