Two women, Xiaohong Zhang and Xiongling Chen, were arrested for allegedly using a gift card scam to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The suspects would approach people in parking lots and offer to sell them gift cards at a discounted price, but the cards were actually empty or had a small amount of money on them. The victims would then realize they had been scammed when they tried to use the cards and reported the incidents to the police. Zhang and Chen are facing multiple charges and authorities are warning the public to be cautious of similar scams.

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The healthcare industry is facing a new threat as hackers are targeting medical billing and collections companies, known as “ransomhubs,” to steal sensitive patient data. These ransomhubs act as intermediaries between healthcare providers and insurance companies, making them a prime target for cyber attacks. The stolen data can be used for identity theft or sold on the dark web, causing potential harm to patients and financial losses for healthcare organizations. As the healthcare industry continues to digitize and rely on third-party vendors, it is crucial for companies to prioritize cybersecurity measures to protect patient information.

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In a shocking development, cyber criminals have found a new way to steal sensitive information from Google accounts. The exploit, dubbed “Infostealer,” allows hackers to access personal data such as emails, contacts, and photos without the user’s knowledge. Experts are urging users to be cautious and regularly update their passwords to protect against this threat. Google has stated that they are aware of the exploit and are working to fix it, but have not provided a timeline for when a solution will be available. This serves as a reminder to always be vigilant about online security and safeguard personal information.

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