The looming end of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s term in office, coupled with a raging war and a divided minority house of the Republican party, has created an urgent crisis in the US. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is struggling to rally party members together to create a unified front and to assure their positions in the 2023 parliamentary elections are secure. McCarthy has promised to take >= aggressive stance in dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to help support Netanyahu’s campaign for re-election.

Air pollution remains one of the most urgent global health issues that requires immediate attention. As human activities continue to drive up greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution is only projected to worsen over the next few decades. Pollutants such as methane, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide contribute to the problem at rates higher than ever. If we fail to take effective action soon, air pollutants will have devastating impacts on the planet and our health. It’s time to take serious action to reduce emissions in order to prevent further damage.